Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh yes, we did...

...all dress up in Star Wars costumes for Jackson's 6th birthday party.

It was a huge, fun party. We were so busy we didn't really get any good pictures, but if I were a journalist writing an article about the event it would have to include these facts:

Who - approximately 9 million kids
What - Bounce house, Star Wars, Legos, and cake
When - After school on a recent Friday
Where - Our house in the front yard, backyard, upstairs, and downstairs
Why - I'm not sure, but it won't happen again

The highlights were at least one lost tooth, random dog poop tracked through the house, Princess Leia signing autographs, adult-jump after dark, and over $300 raised for medical supplies in Haiti.

The same thing happened this year that happened the past two years with Thomas the Train and then Pirates. As soon as we have a big themed birthday party and tons of coordinating presents, Jackson loses interest in that particular thing. After being obsessed with Star Wars for a year, he moved onto Indiana Jones a few seconds after the party was over.



I love this! Will you be in charge of Maddy's parties?


You all look so great. What a fun party...so sad we missed it.


I heard rumors of a Princess Leia wig! You two really rocked the costumes, what a great picture. And you now get the parent of the year award....



Julie T

That is classic! Our boys would love for us to do the same. They were Luke and Darth last year for Halloween. Maybe we'll rally to do it this year.

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