Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bestest Friends

The boys didn't nap today. It started out pretty quiet upstairs, but eventually I heard lots of tumbling sounds that gradually got louder and louder. I tried to ignore it. Amazingly it went on for close to an hour without anyone crying or getting hurt. Finally both boys came galloping downstairs to find me. Here's a snippet of what was said.

Mommy: What are y'all playing up there?

Luke: We're playing fight and we're kicking and punching each other and fighting with our big tummies. (...he said with glee.) I came in second, but I won and Jackson losed. Do you wanna see how we fight over stuff?

Jackson: Luke, throw your sword on the ground, and we'll punch each other with our powerful bodies.

They are so cute (if extreme violence can be cute??), and I'm so glad they are best friends.

BTW, we're not going to Mexico.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What should we do?

Mat and I are supposed to go to Mexico to celebrate our tenth anniversary next week. Tickets are purchased, hotel is booked, grandparents are coming, and most of all...a vacation is desperately needed. I have two questions for you. Do you think we should go? And if not, where should we go instead?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lame Blog

I know my blog is lame, and you've all probably stopped reading it. My excuse is that I've had camera problems. We've had lots of fun experiences lately. Trips out to the Hollows, a visit from Aunt Becky, video games with Dad, a trip to Rockwall, a trip to the lakehouse, a trip to Houston and the NASA Space Center, Easter, Camp Mabry, hanging out with friends, etc, etc. It's been a great spring so far...I just don't have the pictures to prove it.

Here are some of the fun things that the boys have been saying lately:

Luke: Mommy, robbers are going to come into our house and shake up our Diet Cokes and spray them on Daddy.

Mommy: Jackson give me back my iPhone. Jackson: Why? What do you need it for?

Luke: Mommy, I've got a headache because my tummy hurts.

Jackson: When I'm Papa's age, I'm probably not going to live in our house anymore.

Luke: Jackson, I'm a bad guy. I have a swastika on my hat.

One night Jackson was having a meltdown, and I mentioned to him that I knew he was acting this way because he was tired. He took great offense to this accusation and screamed: "NO I'M NOT YOU...YOU...YOU...BOOIE!" Mat and I were trying hard not to laugh. I've never been called a booie before. It was so funny, though, realizing that he doesn't know any bad words and this was the worse thing he could come up with.

A lot of Luke's sentences end with: ...Because I'm two and a half.

Most of Jackson's sentences begin with: It's just that...

Hopefully there will be more to come including pictures!

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