Friday, January 28, 2011

Dressing Up

One of the boys' favorite things to do is dress up. This year at Halloween Luke decided to be Superman and Jackson was going to be Indiana Jones. Once Jackson saw Luke's costume, though, he changed his mind and decided he wanted to be Superman too. So the Indiana Jones costume went back and we had Superman twins for Halloween. They wore these costumes practically everyday for about a month. Sweet, happy boys. I'm so glad they're best friends.

We had fun trick or treating with all the neighbor kids and Granddad and Gammo. It was an earlier night than last year, though, since we had school the next day.

I love these pics that we took at the Beard's annual Halloween party.

Also in October, Jackson had Indian Day at school. They spent the day at the Nature Center eating interesting foods, playing games, and learning about what life was like for the Native Americans. Here he is with a couple of his friends.

The boys got to dress up for a birthday party at the Merriman's house. This was before Jackson got his Superman costume, so he went as Luke Skywalker.

This year was special because the Rangers were in the World Series during the week of Halloween. The boys loved wearing their Rangers shirts that they got at the game we went to with Aunt Becky. We also had lots of opportunities to dress up in the cub scout uniform and the soccer uniform.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anyone still out there?

Well hello there. I'm beginning the long road to catching up. I wanted to post some of Jackson's soccer pictures before launching into Halloween and the holidays. We started out the season practicing in some of the hottest weather you can imagine. There was not a lick of shade to be found anywhere. It was completely miserable for everyone. I couldn't even bring myself to visit with the other parents because it took all the energy I had in my body just to stay alive in that heat. I was really questioning what we had gotten ourselves into. But enough about me. Jackson was having fun. He had his worried face on the first few games as he tried to figure everything out, but eventually he relaxed and started enjoying it.

Jackson had a lot of really good players on his team. He would brag loudly about winning after every game. They finally lost one game and instead of his normal bragging he just got in the car and said something nonchalant like, "We didn't really lose because you're not supposed to keep score anyway." I'm glad he got to experience both winning and losing during the season.

The practices were a challenge because they started at 6:00 on Mondays which is exactly when I usually get home from work. So our routine was non-existent and we never could really figure out when to eat dinner. We all enjoyed the games quite a bit, though. The weather changed eventually and we played some games in the rain, some in the cold, but most were just lovely.

He had a fun season with a great coach. I have to give a big thank you to Steve and Wendy (Granddad and Gammo) for coming to two of the games, and to our babysitter Amy for coming once. It made him feel SO special to have them there cheering him on. He's going to play soccer again this spring, so the rest of the fam will have another chance to see him in action.

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