Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick post before bed...

Well, this is just a teaser for London. I'm going to try to post more pictures while we're waiting at the airport tomorrow.

Sunday night after we arrived.

One of our favorite things was Westminster Abbey.

We didn't even intend to go inside, but decided to on a whim. It was very interesting and we loved the audio tour narrated by Jeremy Irons. :-) The Poet's Corner was my favorite where all the famous British writers, actors, and musicians are buried or memorialized. Mat's observation after we left was that sometime after the monks were no longer living in the Abbey it became more of a shrine to British royalty and culture than to God. So true, but it was still (unexpectedly) a great place to learn about the history of the country.

Here's more:

Cheesy, but couldn't resist this pose.

The Churchill Museum.

The Household Calvary.

Couldn't resist this pose either.

The Tate Modern.

Oxford. (More photos of this coming soon, this was a highlight)

We had a great time but we're really looking forward to getting home to our boys tomorrow. More soon!



Wow!! I just love London. Brings back memories of times as a young couple with no kids, money to spare etc. LOL!! Thanks for the great pics, can't wait to see more. -tanya

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