Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bonsoir! Voici mes images de Belgique...

Welcome to the Grand Place in Brussels.

In was raining in Antwerp but so beautiful.

After our shoot we met Walter for dinner at a lovely old restaurant.

They serve Filet de Cheval here in Belgium.

Yes folks. That's horse steak. Yum. (I didn't try it. :-)

The "Last Best Hope" group.

We shot in a professor's house in Antwerp that was VERY old. These stairs went down to a cellar that dates back to the 13th centruy.

Here is a picture of the kids we interviewed yesterday. There are more work-related pictures posted on the company blog here.



I think I would take the Filet de Cheval over Steak looks cooked at least :)

Who are those small children in the company blog?

Beth Hames

They are some of the granchildren of the subject of our film. We were invited to his house Friday night for a big dinner and his whole family came - probably 25 people.

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