Monday, October 1, 2007

Movie Time Monday

Luke has been talking so much more in the last few days that I couldn't resist posting some videos. He kept saying "Daddy" over and over while we were getting dinner ready tonight. He was very proud of himself.

He heard Mat say "wow" one time and then immediately copied him and started saying it over and over.

Here is Luke feeding Jackson his chicken nuggets. There's no talking, but I just thought it was funny because it reminds me of a video we have of Jackson feeding our dog Frances this same exact way when he was that age.

And finally this is a video of Luke coming down the stairs. He looks like a little frog. He gets on his stomach and then starts kicking his legs. Usually he goes all the way down really fast, but this time I was distracting him. He also is saying "bye-bye" to Jackson when he's at the top of the stairs.

These are fun days right now.



Awww! I love the facial expressions he makes when he says "Wow"!


I love the stairs video - that is so funny to see his little legs squirming back and forth while he's going down!


soooo cute! Aren't you glad you are catching these moments on video? He needs to come teach Cohen how to man handle the stairs!

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