Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This time there was blood...

We got another black eye folks. Yep. That's some good parenting right there. This is what happens when your head makes impact with the bathtub at a high rate of speed. My goal is for both of these current black eyes heal before he gets another one. You gotta have goals.



I want to write to anyone who is about to call Child Protective Services on us. Jackson has given himself so many black eyes now by bumping into things that I think he'll be wearing a helmet and plastic visor from now on. Please don't arrest us. Thank you.


Jackson actually looks kind of proud of his black eye in that picture. And yes, goals are good. Baby steps...


You could probably write a book of black-eyes and get really rich...or better yet video them happening and post to You Tube. Now that's great parenting!

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